HandyMadam provides handyman services in Los Angeles. Do you have a long list prepared of things you need done around the house? Not a problem! Get more value with HandyMadam! Only the first four hours are charged hourly. After that, rates are prorated to make longer jobs more affordable! To learn more about some of the services offered, see below. 

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Art Hanging

HandyMadam can hang your art safely and securely while following gallery standards. Do you need a custom salon-style arrangement to showcase your favorite artworks? HandyMadam will make your art look great. Paintings, sculptures, TVs, shelves, and anything else that goes on the wall (or ceiling!). Go to the Contact page to negotiate rates!



They say the least expensive way to freshen up a room is a new paint job. I don’t know many who say it’s the easiest way. I do know you want it done right. HandyMadam is here for you!


Home Repairs

Is your door not closing because of a loose hinge? Do you have holes in your walls that need to be patched so you can get your security deposit back? Do your windows not latch properly? HandyMadam can fix that and more! 


Minor Electrical/Plumbing

Having trouble wiring your surround sound? Do you need to install dimmers in your bathroom so you can enjoy soothing mood-lighting? Are you trying to modernize your shower experience with a new shower head? Not sure how to securely install that brand new chandelier you got to brighten up the dining room? HandyMadam is the service you’re searching for!


Interior Decorating

Selecting the perfect furniture, artwork, paint, decorative pillows, vases, plants is a lot of fun! And when done right, it can make a house a home. Your bedroom doesn’t have to just be the room where you sleep; it can be your personal place of serenity and comfort, or a romantic getaway from the stresses of ordinary life. Whatever your taste, whatever your goals, HandyMadam turns dreams into reality!


Assembling Furniture

IKEA got you down? Never fear, HandyMadam is here! All those small, oddly shaped parts are no match for HandyMadam’s spatial reasoning! Whether it’s an elaborate, custom closet organizer or a simple side table, there’s nothing she can’t build.



Do you have an idea for a custom item you need built? Check out the gallery to see past projects and get inspired! Even if HandyMadam does not have the resources to make what you’re looking for, she can recommend other handy women around the city. Get in touch! Let’s build it!